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Get to Know Us

I started out just wanting horse property. That was always the goal and my husband knew that. So when we found our little slice of heaven and began getting settled, I slowly (or not so slowly) began to aspire for more. My grandpa grew up on a 40 acre ranch in Iowa and I credit my love of this life to him and visiting his farm. At that point, the horse property became more or a ranch/farm venture. We added goats, chickens, and highland cattle, and Kune Kune pigs to our homestead and now I'm here living out the dream. I think my husband has grown to love it too truthfully!



Chickens: We have plenty of laying chickens and a colorful supply of eggs for sale. The are 90% free ranging chicken that lay beautiful eggs from browns, whites, blues, and greens.

We also raise pullets to 8-, 12-, or 16-weeks for those who want to skip the brooding stage and put them in with the rest the flock right away

Goats: We raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats and are in the midst of our kidding season. There will be limited number of Raw Milk Herd Shares available as well as goats milk soap for purchase through the website or our Etsy Shop


Our Future

Highland Cattle: The 3 heifers will be having calves in Sept/Oct 2024

Fruit/Veggies: We have newly planted apple, pear, peach, and mulberry trees that are maturing. We hope to use them for canning and jams/jellies. 

Pigs: We'll be breeding our Kune Kune pig this spring for some piglets and bacon seeds. 

Bees: I've gotten the itch to do some beekeeping! But that will be down the line in the future at some point.

updated: 6/29/24

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