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Policies and Agreements

We strive for excellent communication and interactions with our buyers, and we pride ourselves on our integrity. We want to provide transparency at all times. To that end, the following protocols are provided upfront and in written format to allow a thorough understanding for our potential buyers.

Hidden Hills Homestead (Seller)

  1. Hidden Hills will make NO agreements, sales, or contracts verbally. All conditions of ANY sale will be made in writing (via text, email, etc.).

  2. To reserve any animals, a 50% deposit fee will be required. The 50% deposit is calculated as 50% of the TOTAL amount due to purchase the animal being purchased, including any discounts that may be given. The deposit will then be applied toward the total purchase price of the animal.

  3. The deposit is non-refundable! Exceptions are ONLY at the discretion of the seller and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

  4. Any deposit paid without prior written permission/instruction from the sellers to do so will not be accepted nor guaranteed to hold or purchase the animal

  5. The deposit will hold the purchased animal for the agreed upon time frame. If full payment is not received within the agreed upon time, the full deposit fee amount will be forfeited and the entire sale will be canceled. The said animal will become available for sale/purchase to a separate buyer(s) and no further consideration will be given to the buyer that forfeits the sale.

  6. No animal will be held without payment of a 50% deposit fee unless specified IN WRITING by the seller.

  7. Acceptable forms of payment: Cash, PayPal, or Zelle. Buyer may use these forms of payment in any combination for the deposit and the remaining purchase price upon pick up. An additional fee may be assessed to cover the PayPal fee if an invoice is requested. No fee will be assessed if purchasing using the "Friends & Family" option in PayPal. 

  8. All animals are offered for sale only to approved homes. The owners/sellers have the right to refuse the sale of the animal at any time, with or without reason.

  9. The animal will not be released from the seller's premises until the total amount due is paid in full.

  10. Purchased animals must be picked up on the agreed-upon date and time between the buyer and seller. All agreements about the pickup of the animal will be made in writing.

  11. If the animal is not picked up on the agreed-upon date, a $10.00 per day, up to 7 days, the boarding fee will be assessed up to 30 days after the agreed-upon pickup date. If the animal(s) is not picked up within 30 days after the agreed-upon pickup date, the sale will be canceled, and all monies paid by the buyer will be forfeited and are non-refundable. The purchased animal(s) will be listed for sale again and no further consideration will be given to the buyer who forfeits the sale.

  12. In the unlikely event that an animal dies before it is picked up by the buyer, the monies paid to the seller will then be applied to another currently available animal OR fully refunded at the buyer's request.

  13. Cattle will have required vaccinations (BANGS) and health checks before leaving the sellers property. 

  14. Goats are guaranteed to be healthy and free of CAE, CL, and Johnes at the time of sale and until the goat leaves the seller's property. Buyer has the right to have their chosen veterinarian examine the animal prior to the agreed-upon pickup date. The veterinarian must accompany the buyer to the property for the examination. No goats will be allowed to be taken from the premise for any reason. The exam and any other associated costs are the duty of the buyer. A full refund of the deposit will be given if the veterinarian certifies in writing, that the goat has a significant illness (CL, Johnes, etc.)

  15. Any doe, cow, or heifer being sold as “bred” is not guaranteed to be pregnant, but only was exposed to a buck or bull one or more times.

  16. Seller does not guarantee the future performance or conformation of any purchased animals.

  17. Fertility will NOT be guaranteed and refunds will NOT be given, except at the discretion of the seller. Absolutely no refunds will be given after 6 months from the date of birth of the animal.

  18. Seller may cancel a sale for any reason, and at any time up until the animal(s) is picked up. Should the sale be canceled, all monies paid will be refunded to the buyer.

  19. Since the seller cannot control the environment or care of the sold animals(s), all sales are final. No further promises, expectations, or guarantees are expressed or implied. The buyer is fully responsible for the overall health and well-being of the purchased animals(s) after pickup and as soon as the buyer leaves the seller's premises. No refund will be offered if the animal(s) becomes ill or dies after the buyer receives possession of the purchased animal(s).

  20. If the buyer wishes the animal(s) to be shipped, all arrangements and shipping costs/expenses will be the full responsibility of the buyer. There may be an additional handling fee assessed but will be agreed upon prior to the sale between the parties. All expenses must be paid in full, and upfront, before animal(s) will be shipped.

  21. Seller will register all applicable kids/goats with ADGA, and cattle with AHCA but the registration and transfer fee will be the responsibility of the buyer. Registration names will be picked by the seller, except at the discretion of the seller.


Payment Information  

By making a deposit on a kid/goat, you indicate agreement with our sales terms, as listed on this page.

Information to send payments will be given by the seller at the time of purchase.

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