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Available Seniors

Does, Bucks, and Wethers


Dam: 2*M SGCH Heaven's Hollow Eden's Bae DD: 1*M SGCH Simple Pleasures Dr Edens Edge DS: *B Heaven's Hollow Charmer ​ Sire: Coyote Kidz Yellowstone Viking SD: SG Old Mountain Anahid SS: Oak Apple Ardent




DOB: 4/12/2021



"Lady" has had 3 successful, unassisted births.

1st - 2022 - 2 bucks
2nd - 2023 - 2 bucks, 1 doe
3rd - 2024 - 3 does, 1 buck


Lady's full brother and mother are finished champions in the show ring, and mother is designated with superior genetics. She's got great depth of body and is nice and wide. 




DOB: approximately 3/2022
Snickers is a very well behaved gentleman. He doesn't test fences and has always been respectful of the does and people. He's a very flashy blue eyed boy. 

Tootsie Roll

These three are available to a pet home only and must stay together. They are all bonded with each other. Sweettart (doe) and Tootsie Roll (wether) are both almost 3 years old and Twizzler (wether) is almost 2 years old. Sweet-tart has kidded once and had no problems but has just developed squamous cell carcinoma over the past summer and should not be used for breeding any more. She's still very healthy at this point. 

Sweet-tart is very friendly and will follow people around. She comes right up to you in the pen/pasture and is easy to work with and handle. Tootsie Roll will do best with older kids or adults but loves to be pet and once you start he'll keep asking for more. Twizzler has always been a bit more skittish and doesn't seek out attention but has bonded to the other two. They will all sleep together, play, and head-butt. They all eat grass hay with occasional grain. 

Please reach out if your interested and we can discuss futher!

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